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from anticaptchaofficial.imagecaptcha import *
import requests
import base64
def find_between(s, start, end):
return (s.split(start))[1].split(end)[0]
response = requests.get("")
base64str = find_between(response.text, ";base64,", "\">")
c_str = find_between(response.text, " name=\"c\" value=\"", "\">")
print(f"base64: {base64str}")
print(f"c_str: {c_str}")
# save base64 image to a temporary file
with open("tmp.file", "wb") as file:
solver = imagecaptcha()
captcha_text = solver.solve_and_return_solution("tmp.file")
if captcha_text != 0:
print("captcha text "+captcha_text)
res ="", data={
"login": "testlogin",
"pass": "testpass",
"c": c_str,
"captcha": captcha_text
if "test passed" in res.text:
print("Our test passed!")
if "Captcha test not passed" in res.text:
print("Test NOT passed!")
print("task finished with error "+solver.error_code)